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Protect Yourself in the Aftermath of a Dog Bite

Pennsylvania law protects any individual bitten by a dog – and for a good reason. Dog bites can have devastating impacts on your health, resulting in cuts, broken bones, scarring, and other injuries. Our dog bite attorneys assist Philadelphia, PA residents who suffered a dog bite succeed in winning a favorable judgment or settlement in court. We know how to obtain prior dog bite records, how to document your injuries properly, and more. There is no better law firm than Boulevard Law Center PC when it comes to protecting your rights following a dog bite incident, there is no better law firm than Boulevard Law Center PC.

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Our Team Knows How To Prove Negligence

To win compensation for your injuries, our team must demonstrate negligence in some form on the dog owner’s part. For instance, we can illustrate that the dog owner knew the dog was likely to be aggressive by collecting evidence of past incidents. We can also hold dog owners liable if they failed to keep their dog leashed, fenced, or otherwise correctly restrained. We can also succeed by demonstrating that the owner did not warn others of the dog’s known aggressiveness. No matter what, if negligence played a role in your injuries, then we can help you.

We Understand How To Recover Damages For You

Dog bites often occur during visits to family or friends. We understand that you might be hesitant to sue because of the awkwardness and bad feelings this will create. However, you could lose wages and the ability to work as a result of your injuries. You could be left with injuries that force you to pay large medical bills. Dog bites are serious injuries, and the host of consequences they create mean you should strongly consider acting. The good news is, your family and friends are covered by home or renters’ insurance, meaning they are also covered from liability. We have decades of experience representing victims of dog bites, so contact us today.

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